2012 Makers


SynerG‘s goal is to create a space where artists of all levels are encouraged to perform, and all performers, volunteers, technicians, and spectators are aware of the criticality of their involvement in the performance art spectacle. The SynerG team is a group of volunteers who build and play in the SynerG venue at festivals and celebratory gatherings throughout the year. With its unmistakeable dome structure, characteristic plush cushion “lounge” ambience, and a tantalizing lineup of local bands and jam artists, SynerG will coax you into its comfortable embrace, and, before you know it, into joining the performance itself. Visit the SynerG dome and join the participatory performance community. We’re always looking for new people who dig our vibe and enjoy the space we create.

3d Printer Village

The 3d Printer Village is a collaboration between various local 3d printing and reprap groups. They will be bringing many 3d printers, as well as a variety of printing materials courtesy of Makerbot industries.

John Stonier, Converted, Electric Porsche Boxster

An electric vehicle enthusiast for the past seven years, five years ago he started a project to convert a 1999 Porsche Boxster to full speed electric drive. At the beginning of this project in spring 2007, there was no prospect of commercially produced full speed electric cars on the horizon. Who Killed the Electric Car? was the topical movie of the year. Now, five years later after thousands of hours of work, and the arrival of electric cars in dealer showrooms, the Boxster is still an outstanding example of what electric drive technology can do for personal transportation and for eliminating our dependency on fossil fuels. In this case without sacrificing any power or performance of a well engineered sports car, but enhancing the experience through a quieter, cleaner, ride, better acceleration, and the truncation of costly engine repairs and maintenance.


JF Brandon is a co-Founder of DShape 3D Printing. He’s a lover of things that go whrrrrr-click-BANG. He’s a big fan of art that looks like it moves, even while it sits still. The Rygo is an example of this. It is the largest 3D print in North America, designed by famed sculptor Bathsheba Grossman, and was printed in Italy by the DShape, the largest 3D printer in the world. JF raised $3,300 for the Rygo via crowdfunding website Indiegogo. He also designed the Coral-like table and organic lamp you can see sitting at his booth.

School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University

The School of Interactive Arts and Technology is an interdisciplinary school at Simon Fraser University, where students and researchers of all backgrounds come together to work with emerging technologies.
The school brings together artists, designers, psychologists, sociologists, engineers, and computer scientists to teach and research on interdisciplinary teams. A SIAT education combines the science of human experience, the analysis of media and culture, the creation of original and experimental works of art, and the implementation of new technologies.
SIAT will be showcasing student work from our undergraduate and graduate programs. Our students are natural makers! They will be showing a range of projects from interactive art exhibits to prototypes for new products.

The Hackery

“Fix more, buy less.”
The Hackery repairs and recycles laptops, computers and flat screen monitors (a.k.a. LCDs). If your laptop or LCD hasn’t been performing well—or not at all—they can help! The Hackery services Linux, Apple, and Microsoft systems.


Vincent van Haaff (flyingoctopus) is a multi-disciplinary media artist working with computer code to explore virtual and real spaces defined by rule-based systems. Originally from Southern California, he went from a record label co-founder and audio hacker in Los Angeles to a environmental club founder in Santa Barbara before moving to Vancouver to become a software developer and media artist. His expertise spans from data and music visualization to computer vision, event and community installation, and user centred design.

Army of Evil Robots

Army of Evil Robots is a collaborative effort between designer/multi-media artist Helen Highwater and über nerd Derek Anderson. They build robots that build robots that turn evil and build awesome things.
They currently own 2 CNC Machines, and a 3D printer. These tools have allowed them to build several projects over the past year, such as: signage, furniture, strange creatures, horological devices, and more.
A CNC is a Computer Numeric Controlled machine that cuts out whatever shape you program it to. A 3D printer is a device that builds a shape up in layers. Occasionally these machines malfunction, reset to the default evil robot BIOS and develop self awarenes; hence our Army of Evil Robots.
We love experimenting with new materials and styles, and we love being makers.
Being a maker means that you’ll never be satisfied with buying off the shelf, shrink wrapped, disposable things. We’ll void our warranties, improve our tools, be inspired by others and expand our knowledge. We won’t be discouraged when we fail, we’ll just learn from our experiments and from others experience, hoping in turn to inspire other Makers.

Plush on Main

Plush is a charm­ing little bou­tique and work­space ded­i­cated to Vancouver’s bur­geon­ing indie craft scene. We’ve packed our lit­tle shop with a care­fully selected col­lec­tion of hand­made gifts, art, and decor items, all made locally and with love. Plush’s dedication to the local craft scene grew naturally out of our own passion for making stuff. You can join in the creative magic by attending one of Plush’s workshops, hosted by a rotating cast of Vancouver craft scene personalities, or by taking home one of our craft kits designed to help you flex your creative muscles.


Instructables is a web-based documentation platform where passionate people share what they do and how they do it, and learn from and collaborate with others.
Instructables was launched in 2005 and has grown into the largest DOY and project-sharing platform in the world. Our users make, and share, everything from life-sized R2D2 arduino-controlled birthday cakes, to chain mail Zelda dice bags. We have over 750,000 projects !

Leanne Prain

I am a crafter, graphic designer, and author who lives in Vancouver. I have written two DIY books on craft and culture: Yarn Bombing: The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti (co-authored with Mandy Moore) and Hoopla: The Art of Unexpected Emroidery. I like to knit, sew, stitch, silkscreen, and do all sorts of other hand-making.
At MakerFaire 2012, I would like to invite you to join my community stitching project. Stop by my table to learn a few simple embroidery stitches and help me work on a community project. We will be stitching to commemorate popular symbols of Vancouver history – such as the Juicy Chicken logo, Vancouver’s famous neon signs, the Woodward’s W, and other local icons.
Leanne Prain

Kim Werker – Mighty Ugly

Mighty Ugly is about taking the pressures we feel when we make stuff and flipping them upside-down. Instead of trying to make something perfect, or even just okay-looking and functional, we set out to make something ugly. Not cute-ugly, but ugly-ugly. In part because we never *set out* to make something ugly, and in part because aiming to make something we usually consider a failure can allow us see our whole creative experience in a new light. It’s harder than it sounds, and it’s totally worth it.
Mighty Ugly is the brainchild of Kim Werker, a Vancouver-based writer and editor in the crafts industry. Kim leads workshops in Vancouver and beyond, helping people of all sorts shine light on their creative challenges by making ugly creatures and talking about it.
At Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, Kim will provide mostly recycled or repurposed materials for attendees to make ugly creatures with. Ugly, on purpose.

Andres Wanner, Pixelstorm

Wanner is a Swiss-Canadian artist, interaction designer and educator. His field of work is where art and technology intersect – he likes to tinker, invent and to play. He is on the faculty of the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada, hold an MSc in Physics and a BA in Visual Communications, and am currently pursuing another Master’s degree in Applied Arts at Emily Carr.
His work has been exhibited at SIGGRAPH, iDMAa, New Forms Festival, Re-new Festival, Artech, Hyperkult and other international venues. I am also the initiator of the International Pixelstorm-Award and have acted as the arts chair of the Computational Aesthetics conference 2011 in Vancouver.
His most recent work deals with physical drawing machines: Re-purposing domestic devices and subverting their objective and utilitarian nature by having them create imagery that questions common assumptions of precision, reliability and human control over machines.

To Catch a Bike Thief

To Catch a Bike Thief is a new locally produced documentary web series. In this reality-based show, a team of intrepid and tech savvy cyclists develop and test new tools and technologies designed to combat bike theft in order to help cyclists understand and fight the problem of bicycle theft.
They will be bringing a GPS-tracked bait bike that was designed specifically for the show. Their bait bike – once stolen – notifies the owner within seconds of being taken and begins live tracking its realtime location on a map that is accessed via web application.


The third annual MadSkillz Festival will be held June 22-24 on the PNE grounds right next door to Maker Faire. With 3 days of workshops, 2 cabaret shows, games and dozens of incredible performers & teachers, the city will swing once again to the carnival rhythm. Get ready, the circus is in town!
MadSkillz workshop leaders will will offer beginner skill toy workshops at MakerFaire to get people started! Show your MakerFaire admission for a discounted entry to the MadSkillz festival.

Al Roback, Grass Frame Works Ltd.

Grass Frame Works, aka. Grass Frames is located on Main street in Mount pleasant, Vancouver.
Grass Frame Works makes bamboo bicycle frames and offer a course through which others can build their own frame. They will be bringing bamboo frames, bicycles, and a bit of a surprise to the Maker Faire 2012. Driven by a need for local, innovative, and sustainable manufacturing, their skill set includes the ability to work with wood, composites, and metal.
Their next projects include creating more geometries, growing our own bamboo, and collaborating with other makers.

David Gowman – The Legion of Flying Monkeys Horn Orchestra

“In 2002 I made a horn from a stick of elderberry wood. It took about two hours of labour to produce a sound. Nine years later, a band called the Legion of Flying Monkeys Horn Orchestra entertains with the descendants of that horn (there are over forty as of last count). Looking back, that simple act of burning a shaft through the pith to make a chamber was a turning point leading to a near decade of music, interactive art and instrument making.”

Mushboo / Planet Earth Industries

Mushboo is an urban food production system designed by two makers here in Vancouver. Using the waste coffee grounds from your local coffee shops the mushboo system is able to turn thousands of tons of waste each year into delicious gourmet mushrooms. Easy to use and great for a centerpiece, counter or desk mushboo is the easiest and cheapest way to enjoy gourmet mushrooms. Come visit us at Maker Faire to see how Planet Earth Industries is using waste to replace plastics, recycle organics and look for new ways to experience and enjoy our food!

Jodi Stark

Jodi is a designer, scavenger, beachcomber, upcycler and maker.
Working in the field of environmental outreach and communication, Jodi focuses on the role that nature plays in keeping us healthy and grounded. She combines driftwood, living plants, moss and rocks come together to create unique and original pieces that will literally bring life and nature into your home.
She is also mindful of the important role that re-purposing and upcycling can play in this regard. Approximately 90% of the materials that she uses are scavenged from beaches, thrift shops, craigslist, alleyways, etc. In addition, to minimize the need for the new tools necessary for each unique project, she borrows tools from the Vancouver Tool Library. This co-operative tool lending library empowers me and the community to fix, build and create things instead of throwing out broken stuff and buying new.

Museum of Vancouver – Young Makers @MOV

Inspired by Young Makers Clubs that meet monthly in places like San Francisco/Bay Area, this weekend workshop is intended to connect like-minded young people with adult mentors, fabricators, and tinkerers to dream up and develop projects for display at Maker Faire Vancouver in 2012.
MoV and Maker Faire Vancouver are excited to partner in the first ever Young Makers @MoV weekend workshop, to be offered in June 2012. Inspired by Young Makers Clubs that meet monthly in places like San Francisco/Bay Area, this weekend workshop is intended to connect like-minded young people with adult mentors, fabricators, and tinkerers to dream up and develop projects for display at Maker Faire Vancouver in 2012.
This table will showcase the fruits of this first year of Young Makers @MOV!

Jonathan Tippett, Prothesis: The Anti-Robot

Prosthesis is an independent, in-progress art project by Jonathan Tippett, co-creator of The Mondo Spider. It is 5m tall wearable walking machine powered by a cutting edge, modular, expandable hybrid-electric power plant. Prosthesis uses this power to amplify the pilots movements through an on-board exo-skeletal interface. The skill of the operator and the configuration of the power system all contribute to the machines overall efficiency. This relationship reminds us, in very immediate way, how our use of technology can convert small acts in to movements of great consequence.


Jessica and Joshua Langager ages 13 and 11 years old have been involved in Gearbots Engineering Club for one year and entered their first competition- The 2012 BC SKILLS CANADA COMPETITION- JR. GEARBOTS ENGINEERING CHALLENGE. They placed second out of fourteen teams. They use a NXT LEGO MINDSTORMS ROBOT which is a buildable and programmable robot used to practice their robotic skills.
Both children attend Abbotsford Middle School in Abbotsford.
They will be showing their skills of building and programming their robot to do simple tasks such as pick up lego bricks, robots such as a robotic birthday candle or a robotic check-out scanner.

Steven Smethurst, VHS

Steven Smethurst (aka Funvill) is a Maker, Hacker, Geek, Code Monkey and Seeker of knowledge. He has been a member of the Vancouver Hackspace (VHS) since 2009, where he works on various projects including; puppets, origami, Leds, microchips, lock picking etc. This year, Steven is a member on Vancouver Maker Faire’s board of directors. He dreams of one day of building a device to control the weather so he can change his business cards title to “Weather manipulation engineer”.
Steven is planning on bring a coffee table with a glass surface that encases 500 mini compasses. When a magnet passes over the surface of the coffee table, all the north poles of the compasses point at the magnet

Chris Hixon

Chris started circuit bending in 1994 when he was making a horrific Christmas toy out of a singing Santa Clause doll. After gutting the stuffed doll, he accidentally stepped on the exposed circuit board triggering a demonic glitch of fragmented Christmas songs, pitch bent fragments of Santa voice and siren noises which lasted for several minutes. He soon discovered that the glitch could be repeated by pressing my wet fingers across two spots on the circuit board. From then on he was hooked. Hunting at thrift stores and garage sales, he collected an armada of kids toys and keyboards. With the help of childhood friends Big Tex and Dr. Rek, they learned to solder, install audio outputs, build breakout boxes, and avoid frying components. Lately he has been working with 555 and 565 chips to make chaotic instruments controlled by body contacts, light sensors, switches, knobs, and electromagnetic interference. He will be bringing a small collection of bent instruments and amplifiers for public interaction.


Solarbotics is a Canadian company with over 15 years experience in the hobby robotics and do-it-yourself industry. They use stock unique parts for robot builders, so if you need gear motors, solar cells, or just simple parts that you need to know will work, they will have them for you!

Ryan Smith, Vancouver Hack Space

Ryan Smith aka Goldfish. Vancouver Hack Space co-founder and lifelong hacker, maker and taker aparter. Ryan will be bringing his video projection work to this year’s faire: a Multi camera, and semi-automated video processing setup written in puredata .

Vancouver Community Lab

The Vancouver Community Lab is an open and accessible workshop where makers, hackers, artists and tinkerers can create, destroy and re-build. We believe that everyone has the desire and ability to create things and can be trusted to develop the skills needed to do so. VCL members work on personal, group or community projects. Funding to pay for our space, tools and consumables comes entirely from membership dues.

Victoria Makerspace

The Victoria Makerspace is a non-profit society in Victoria, BC that is devoted to helping people make things themselves. With facilities ranging from a woodshop to a fledgling metal shop, an electronics test bench, a vinyl cutter, a laser cutter, a 3D printer, and the best beer fridge ever. If you want to make something, this is the place to do it! Recent projects include a multi-touch coffee table, quadcopters, and much more. At Maker Faire, we’ll be playing with lasers.

The Vancouver Tool Library

The Vancouver Tool Library (VTL) is a cooperative tool lending library in East Vancouver. We carry a wide variety of tools for home repair, gardening, and bicycle maintenance, which are loaned to our members free of charge. We also offer intro-to-tools workshops and community events.

Joe Bowser

Joe Bowser is a software and hardware hacker and is one of the founders of the Vancouver Hack Space. Instead of a standard Arduino or mobile setup, Joe wanted to work on a simple kit-based project that uses a relatively simple circuit. Unfortunately, this project is not it. However, it does illustrate some of what is possible without a microcontroller. The current piece is demonstrating the Evil Mad Science Interactive LED Boards embedded in a hacked IKEA LIATORP table. This setup currently features 320 LEDs soldered by hand, which turn on and off using Infrared Light.
Joe Bowser is a software and hardware hacker and is one of the founders of the Vancouver Hack Space. Instead of a standard Arduino or mobile setup, Joe wanted to work on a simple kit-based project that uses a relatively simple circuit. Unfortunately, this project is not it. However, it does illustrate some of what is possible without a microcontroller. The current piece is demonstrating the Evil Mad Science Interactive LED Boards embedded in a hacked IKEA LIATORP table. This setup currently features 320 LEDs soldered by hand, which turn on and off using Infrared Light.

Kaden Harris

Kaden Harris is a long-time Maker and has shown off a dizzying array of machina arcana at the first 3 Maker Faires in San Mateo. He utilizes post-consumer materials via time-honoured workshop techniques to create antiques from a parallel universe.

Dan Williams

Dan will be bringing a selection of his robots to the 2012 Vancouver Mini Maker Faire in hopes that people will find them entertaining, interesting, and inspirational. His project ideas come from a variety of sources, and although many of them are pointless, they are fun and educational.

Vancouver Design Nerds

The Vancouver Design Nerds are a network of collaborating designers and artists who share a desire to engage in design opportunities infused with a spirit of creative play and to challenge the normative environment of the city.
The primary objective of the Vancouver Design Nerds is to facilitate, promote and support positive social, environmental and urban transformation. Our intention is to continue to design, expedite and improve creative processes and techniques that, through the use of art, design, media and other creative methods, act as innovative ways to reconnect the public with their communities and their environment.
We employ an adaptive and collaborative processes known as a ‘Design Nerd Jam’ – a tried, tested and true method for collaborative brainstorming and innovation. Since 2004 we have hosted over 30 Jams, most recently facilitating Jams for the City of Vancouver, the inter-institutional project City Studio, and two Jams for VIVA Vancouver.

Got Craft?

Got Craft? … because MALL is a four letter word
Got Craft? aims to bring together a community that fosters handmade and D.I.Y. culture by supporting like-minded events such as DIY @ Museum of Vancouver, the Austin, TX and Vancouver Premiere of Handmade Nation, Swap-O-Rama-Rama 2009 and 2010, Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, the Sweetie Pie Press 2011 Summer Craft Tour, and Got Craft? London (UK) 2011.
Founded in 2007, Got Craft? Vancouver is held twice a year in May and December featuring 50+ handmade designers and an average attendance of 3000+ a year. Got Craft? will be at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire hosting a badge making workshop where you can make your own badges from a set of ready made designs or choose to create your own!

Andrea Tucker, Roxypop

Born and raised in Vancouver (BC), Andrea Tucker is a self taught crafter who started making things just to keep her hands busy. As a lover of all things handmade as well as a fabric and craft supply enthusiast; she began creating her own line of handmade goods under the name Roxypop.
Roxypop specializes in sewn, crocheted, and other fabric goods. All items are handmade using top quality materials such as wool, bamboo fill, and a selection of Japanese, thrifted, and recycled fabrics. Andrea loves to turn vintage sheets, pillowcases, clothing, and even plastic bags into zipper pouches!

Alejandro Erickson, GeoBurst

GeoBurst creates positive experiences with mathematics through crafts, games, and FREE interactive shows. The maker movement and rapid prototyping tools were the kindling of this fire, and now Alejandro Erickson is giving back to the community by promoting Mathematical Making.
In addition to creating GeoBurst, Alejandro Erickson has been a kids science camp activity developer and instructor, has tutored mathematics for all levels from grade 6 to university, and has been studying post secondary mathematics for 9 years.
At the GeoBurst table you will get to make and discover Mathematical Crafts, and find out about volunteer and collaboration opportunities.

deer crossing the art farm

The art farm follows a simple equation: art + nature = change. Founded on five acres of traditional Squamish territory just north of Gibsons BC, the art farm movement brings arts and nature-based innovators together with people devoted to change – to dialogue, to reflect and to share ideas, energy, resources, and skills in order to make change happen. In other words, we farm change through idea, innovation and skill-sharing at the grassroots level using nature and the arts as our guides.
Their projects are broad-ranging – from festivals to interdisciplinary art installations to educational programming to performance art to capacity-building for social and creative entrepreneurs . All of their projects are collaborative, build community and are cuttting-edge – and work on or beyond the line between the conventional and the new.

Environmental Youth Alliance and Means of Production Artists’ Raw Resource Collective

The Environmental Youth Alliance (EYA) and MOPARRC (Means of Production Artists Raw Resource Collective) are joining forces for Maker Faire to exhibit their environmental art and wildlife habitat projects involving materials obtained from the Means of Production Community Garden.
Together our two groups will demonstrate the building of a traditional bee skep using coil basketry techniques and green materials sourced from the garden. Stop by to learn and contribute to this collective effort! Local artists working with natural materials including weaving with invasive plants as urban substitutes for traditional weaving materials will be on hand and EYA will have seed bomb materials and pollinator-friendly flower seeds, in the hope of further spreading bee knowledge and foraging spaces.

Emi Do – Yummy Yards

Yummy Yards is an urban farm located in and around the Metro Vancouver Region- we’re multi locational which means we farm a lot of plots of land rather than one large piece. I grow food, as much as I can, without over taxing the land. In this sense, I feel we’re aspiring to a standard that is better than organic- trying to grow food in a regenerative rather than simply sustainable method. Come chat with me about what it means to be growing food in the city!

Little Sweetie, 2 Dots 1 Symbol

Little Sweetie is an eight-year-old artist in Vancouver, Canada. She began doodling on emoticons at age 7, and developed her own Etsy store (2dots1symbol.com) to sell jewelry based on her emoticon designs. This jewelry is made from shrink film, printed with emoticons, and embellished either by hand (using permanent markers) or illustrated on the computer and printed as a complete illustration ready for baking into a finished product.
The 2dots1symbol booth at the Maker Faire will sell emoticon jewelry, emoticon jewelry kits, and provide an opportunity for participants to make their own emoticon jewelry on-site.

Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild

The Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild is an eclectic group of quilters, artists and crafters who focus on making quilts and sewn items. As a modern guild we approach quilting with a sensibility that respects tradition but does not feel bound by it. Our projects vary in aesthetic but can often be recognized by the use of modern prints, solid colours, improvisation and a graphic quality.

This year they will be creating a collaborative piece that all Maker Faire participants can be a part of. They will also be displaying a selection of quilted projects in varying stages of completeness so you can become familiar with all the possibilities that quilting allows. You will have the chance to talk with many of their members and see them working on a range of projects.

Fraser Valley Knitting Guild

The Fraser Valley Knitting Guild is a group of enthusiastic knitters, spinners and weavers, committed to the preservation, experimentation and education of knitting. Along with regular meetings and demos we love participating in local events that promote fibrecraft, with special attention to local artists. We believe that anyone has the ability and time to learn to knit, so at our booth we’ll be teaching the basics of knitting to anyone willing to learn!

International Guild of Knot Tyers: Pacific Americas Branch / Fraser Valley Beaders

The International Guild of Knot Tyers (IGKT) is an educational non-profit dedicated to the art, craft and science of knotting by studying, archiving, practicing, and sharing historical techniques as well as developing and investigating new ones. The Pacific Americas Branch is a chapter of the IGKT and brings local focus for knot tyers in the Western U.S., Canada and Alaska.
The Fraser Valley Beaders is an informal group that manage to have monthly meetings at the New Westminster Public Library where we talk beads, show shiny pretty things to each other and freely share our skills with any interested enough show up.

Jesse Scott – Graffiti Research Lab Canada

Graffiti Research Lab Canada is dedicated to outfitting Graffiti Writers, Street Artists, and Protesters with Open-Source Tools for Urban Communication.

Farrell Segall – STEP Bracelet

Farrell Segall is a passionate developer of products and is dedicated to the business of achieving goals through dreaming, innovating, designing and implementation of new and alternative solutions to real-world problems and scenarios. The product and system that he is bringing to Maker Faire is a unique Bracelet that emits a prerecorded heartbeat and pulse which the wearer can feel. The heartbeat can be that of the wearer or preferably one of a friend or loved one.

Paul Nagelkerke, Off-Road Wheelchair

Paul is originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and presently works in York, Pennsylvania, USA in the solar industry. Paul’s environmental side likes the promise of renewable solar energy, while his Evil, Mad Scientist side likes the giant robotic arms used to assemble solar panels.
Along with teaching LEGO robotics summer camps and building LEGO Mindstorms-controlled robotic lawn mowers, Paul programs industrial machine controllers (PLCs) and control interfaces (HMIs).

John Foster

John Foster makes lightweight electric/pedal powered vehicles out of sustainable & reused materials. He will be bringing a very cute three wheeled, three person “retro” styled pedal/electric powered velomobile to the faire.

Addison Lanier – Arc Stream – A Radical Interior Design to a 1970s Air Stream

A new ArcSys Product / System. Disaster Relief Shelters. Interactive 1/3 scale models of a Disaster Relief Shelters system presented on display boards and other pictures, maybe a video projected on a ArcSys rear Projection Screen.

Rachael Ashe

Rachael Ashe is an emerging Vancouver artist working in book arts, mixed media, and photography. She often works with recycled materials and found objects to create three dimensional altered books and mixed media collage. Her compositions are often whimsical scenes inspired by the natural world. She combines colour, texture, and striking compositions to create imagery that is personal and expresses a love of imagination.
Rachael’s work has been shown in Toronto, Vancouver, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco, and the UK, as well as published in numerous books and magazines.

Heike Kapp

Heike is a glass artist working in Vancouver, BC and has been creating glass marbles and pendants for the last four hears. This type of glasswork, known as lampworking or flameworking, incorporates the technical aspects of manipulating molten borosilicate glass rods in the flame of a torch and the artistry of creating striking and eclectic pieces. Her main influences are Canada’s West Coast, and the ocean and its teaming life.

Ron Simmer

Ron Simmer is a sculptor working mainly with found materials and recycled objects that he incorporates organic substances – plant matter, stone and wood – to express concerns about the fragility of our environment. He recycles materials from our consumer culture – skis, snowboards, fire extinguishers, car parts, musical instruments, fishing floats, driftwood and scrap metal – to create fanciful commentary on modern society. Ron also experiments with fire and water combinations to make light and flame sculptures. For the upcoming Maker Faire Ron will be bringing a variety of Infinite Mirrors, demonstrating LED light effects controlled by Arduinos and other devices.

Tangible Interaction

One of the first of its kind worldwide, Tangible Interaction Design creates full-on sensory experiences people can interact with in the everyday physical world.

James Stewart, WetCoast Surf Company

My name is James and last year i had an idea of making my own surfboard with a few friends. We rented out a shipping container, sourced all of the materials and began shaping in April of 2011. Since then we have learned a lot. We’ve made about 10 boards in a co-op oriented shop. We’ve since had amazing feedback from Surfers and StandUp Paddleboarders alike in the local market. We have also started recycling old boards and rebuilding them with more Eco Friendly options.

Oliver Harwood

For Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, Oliver will be presenting the use of salvaged stone as an art material. This speaks to the need to move to a zero waste society. He believes that an artist must be responsible for the materials used in art making, and for the necessity for the art to return to back nature. I will be using stone that is reclaimed from industrial use. This stone will be reformed into usable art material then shaped, cut and transformed into sculpture.
He will be demonstrating the tools and techniques of carving the reclaimed stone, and will also display stone in raw form and finished sculpture. He will show small prototypes that I use for educating children in school and after school programs. Images of public art sculpture will also be showcased.

Maker #101

Brian Dubberley

Brian was an electronics technician for 20 years, a technical writer for the last 10, and now provides affordable patent services for inventors. Brian will be presenting his electric Batcycle at the faire, which he will ride from Horseshoe Bay.

Maker #50

Delayne Corbett

Delayne will be demonstrating how to make sand sculptures at this year’s faire.

Maker #102

Sharon Burrows, Aelana Cordovera

In a time of electronic books Sharon makes medieval books from wooden boards and leather covers, with hand written pages, sewn in hand spun linen thread, illuminated in egg tempera and natural pigments and gold leaf. She now adds cast bronze, copper & silver alloy, sheet brass, jewelry for the books — clasps, bosses and corners. The finishing touch to give my books dignity and authenticity.

Maker #5

Jon Nakane – The Project Lab at UBC Engineering Physics

UBC has some very ambitious undergraduate students in Engineering Physics – and some great fabrication tools! Waterjet cutters, laser cutters, CAD software tools, 3D printers, and machines for making their own Printed Circuit Boards – these are just some of the tools available to our undergrads to put their prototyping ideas into reality. They will tell you more about the ways that they fabricate prototypes, the kinds of projects we look for from industry partners and people with interesting ideas, and a selection of physical prototypes made over the past year.

Maker #92

Surprising Edge

Surprising Edge will be bringing an animatronic yoda that moves and talks, Star Trek inspired earrings, a “Gin Lamp” – or a lamp made from a large Bombay Sapphire bottle filled with 45 yellow-white LEDs, an RGB LED PCL Rose, a night vision top hat, and other miscellaneus electronics projects.

Maker #43

Barry Shell, Perfumes by Hido

Barry Shell is a writer in the office of the Vice President, Research at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada where he writes about university research. He also freelances, specializing in science and high-tech topics. He became involved in the Internet as soon as it appeared and created one of the first websites to popularize SFU research. In 1995 Barry created www.science.ca, which is now the top hit for any search on Canadian science. He has written four books. Originally from Winnipeg, Barry has a BSc in Organic Chemistry from Reed College in Portland, OR and an MSc in Resource Management Science from UBC. His most recent book, “Sensational Scientists” profiling 24 of Canada’s greatest scientists and published by Raincoast Books, won a Canadian Science Writers Association “Science in Society” national book award in 2005. Barry also plays sax and flute in a Vancouver three-piece pop band. In recent years Barry has begun to explore his life-long interest in art and science of olfaction and has become an amateur perfumer.

Maker #9

Beata Kacy, Soigne

At Soigne you can felt your own shawl, make a trendy piece of jewelry or create your own line of beauty products. The class schedule is flexible enough to fit just about anyone’s calendar. You can catch me sharing my artwork with the greater Vancouver community. Portobello, East Side Culture Crawl and Ayden Gallery are just a few of the locales where Soigne participates in local craft scene. Soigne is based in the heart of Strathcona, couple blocks east from Gastown in the Octopus Art Studio, which I run since 2006 for 15 other local artists. At the Maker Faire, Baeta will be presenting jewelery and accessories made on our various line of classes. From metal clay to plating organic matter, traditional metalsmithing to soft felting and colorful polymer beads.

Maker #86

Joseph Cassidy, Professor Whovianart creations

Professor Whovianart brings his unique collection of creations inc. steampunk relatable, fluctuated timeless nobuls,surreal and abstract paintings, anime-manga artwork, return tops, key chains, embroidered patches and so very much more.

Maker #3

Sean Sibbet, Reality Controls Inc.

Reality Controls is a Vancouver developer of user interface tools built around new technologies, including Stereoscopic displays and the Microsoft Kinect. We believe in creating natural, organic experiences for systems that are typically complex and technical. Our projects are both internal and for local businesses.

Maker #73

Luke Moloney – Pandora Benevolent Society

Luke is a technology artist, engineer, software developer, inventor, photographer and videographer from Vancouver, Canada. As the founder of the Pandora Benvolent Society and for the past several years has been working on a number of media arts installation and performance projects including Mitey Media, Replay Your Tea With Me, Fête Mobile, MDCN Mobile Cartographic Command Centre, SnapDancr, Disembodied Projection, and most recently FPV Flying Robots.
At the Vancouver Maker Faire, he will be showing off FPV (First-Person Video) Flying Robots. These are flying machines (multi-copters and fixed-wing airplanes) that allow the pilot to operate them from the perspective of the aircraft. They incorporate various open-source off-the-shelf robotic control modules that allow the aircraft to fly themselves, hold position, return to home in the case of an RF link failure, stabilize camera(s) and even auto-land.

Maker #??

Amanda Suutari, Andromeda Creations

Amanda is an artist, writer, crafter and community development consultant based in Vancouver, BC. Passionate about sustainability, she is interested in tapping into human creativity and the ways in which salvaged ‘waste’ can be kept out of landfills and upcycled into beautiful and functional items.
She crochets colourful items such as rugs, purses and chair covers with ‘plarn’ (‘yarn’ made from plastic) and reused fabric. She also alters and upcycles clothing, and makes jewellery out of beads made from junk mail and magazines.

Maker #76

Ginger MacDonald, Friendship Bee Fine Arts

Ginger will be bringing a converted 1996 Ford Econoline van to this year’s faire. It is fully insulated, with wood paneling walls and ceiling, a built-in fold-up bed, shelves, desk & storage space. It is a demonstration of small space living, and an art project all it’s own (with all the wood paneling, it has a distinct nautical aesthetic!). She will also bring several Bicycle Dreamcatchers – an series of art pieces made out of scavanged bike wheels, which woven webs of twine in place of the spokes and hubs.

Maker #105

Kara Downs, Queen Bee

Queen Bee puts an alternative twist on eco-friendly. They operate as a collective selling independently made products such as upcycled retro lingerie, vegan body care,sub-culture inspired accessories using recycled and reusable materials and home décor and pin up art and draw upon influences from a variety of communities: Everything from burlesque to punk, rock-a-billy, and a bit of cosplay thrown in there for good measure!

Maker #80


BLIM is an independent, family-run art and craft facility now conveniently located in the heart of Vancouver’s Historic Chinatown. Our aim is to help build community through the spirit of fun and creativity, making the arts and crafts accessible to a wide range of skill sets and aims.
Think of it as both a resource and platform for artists, a non-funded arts facility and small business run by and for artists. Established in 2003, we’ve helped bring together countless creators, with workshops, screenings or other events for everything from screen-printing and button-making or knitting, to audio, film, animation, dance and spoken word. And we’ve done so with a service- and integrity-driven business model that thrives solely on sales and community support, without government funding.
We believe that creative expression is a hallmark of health, both on an individual and societal level. To this aim, BLIM also raises funds by collaborating with various organizations both in the arts, media, and community field such as Powell Street Festival, Public Dreams, Langara Institute, Emily Carr, New Music Vancouver, and VIVO.

Maker #64

Marshall Tipton – Etchpop

Etchpop offers custom laser engraved woodblocks for making your own woodblock prints at home. From party and wedding invitations to masterpieces, the possibilities are endless. Viva la prints!.

Maker #??

Miranda Lievers – Sassy Contessa

Miranda Lievers is a Vancouver based ceramic artist, crafter, photographer, and creative small business owner.
Miranda’s typography inspired line is in part about turning the boxes that constrain artists around – she’s inspired by typography, by the pages of old books, by beautiful advertisements found in 100 year old journals. She has focused on her inspiration rather than her medium in developing her line. She expresses that inspiration through art and craft in a variety of mediums – primarily, paper craft, ceramics, and fabric based printmaking techniques.

Maker #86

Tom Dowad – Before Technology Limited

I’m working on object oriented hardware. I want to be able to make simple embedded systems without programming. I’ll be showing a variety of object-oriented hardware devices I have made, and point-and-click software for the configuration of these devices.

Maker #40

Vancouver Transhumanism

The global humanist movement promotes ethical, rational, humane behaviour without recourse to supernatural views. The transhumanist movement holds to these principles, and recognizes that technologies will lead to fundamental changes to our world and ourselves for the betterment of all beings.
We’re an eclectic group of people from every walk of life and from different parts of the world. We meet regularly in and around Vancouver city centre to discuss advancements in technology and their impact on society, and the world. We give discussion-oriented talks to interested groups. Let’s meet and learn.

Maker #??

Sean Karemaker, Illustrator

Sean Karemaker is a graphic illustrator who will be showing his graphic novel series, ‘Astronaut Journal’, which are stories about his own life. He will be presenting comic pages in frames, sculptural dioramas, and printed comic books at the faire.

Maker #29

Palpo Trade Company

Palpo Trade company is a brand new company in Vancouver BC. They offer their own brand of imported Italian leather belts and bags including personally handcrafted belts and bracelets made with Italian leather but crafted here in Canada. The name “Palpo” means “to feel with touch” in Italian and our mission is to share the pleasurable qualities of crafted Italian leather goods and accessories.
Palpo Trade Company consists of husband and wife team, Aimee Jeanne Bourgon, Frederico Alexandre Figueiredo Garcia Legnaioli (that’s the short version!). Together we have over 6 years experience in the Italian leather market in Florence, Italy.

Maker #4

Margarita Hobbes, Alie & Droid Studios

Looking for a cool gift? Or perhaps something different for yourself to show off your personality and make a statement? Our stuff is fun, unique and all our products are lovingly handcrafted in Vancouver, BC. We do limited editions on our products, and do custom orders for our glass lamps, ties and portrait collages. We also make vegan dog soap that keeps your pooches smelling simply divine!

Maker #69

Ba and Fanta Cisse, African Fair Trade Society

African Fair Trade Society 100% Pure Organic unrefined Shea Butter Products Africa Village Project. Proceeds from these products help us towards helping children attend school and enabling women to start businesses in West Africa, Senegal and Guinea.

Maker #8

Peter Kratoska, Eagle Ridge Press / Shadow Stories

Peter will be displaying his shadow puppet theatre kits that are portable, inexpensive and intended for creative imaginative play for kids & parents and an educational tool for teachers. The displays are tied to electronic devices, such as smart phones, computers and television and in our dependence we are close to losing the art of conversation, and have almost completely lost the art of story telling. For pre-literate cultures story-tellers were a very important part of society, and at any given time much of knowledge and mythos of a given culture may have existed in the minds of only a handful of individuals. Let’s bring back the art of story telling.backgrounds or puppets and have a lot more details.

Maker #??

RubyDog’s Art House

RubyDog’s Art House LOVES collage, altered books, mixed-media and visual journals. It is our great honour to provide you with materials and kits so you, too, can enter this creative world.
For 8 years we had a retail store in Vancouver where we were fortunate to serve, inspire and teach. Fun was had, art was created and many, many friends were made. Sadly, the cost of real estate in Vancouver forced us to shut our doors. We’re very excited, though, to be able to meet old friends and make new ones at Maker Faire!
We’ve put together Collage kits, ATC (Artist Trading Cards) kits, Altered Book kits, Journal kits and more to entice you into our world. We will also be offering an incredible array of hard-to-find collage tidbits such as vintage ledger pages, skeleton keys, court documents from the 1800’s, old photographs, decorative papers, 1940’s weigh scale fortune cards, 1950’s Bingo cards, etc. Etc. ETC!
Come by, say hello and, while you’re there, purchase an art suprise from our Art Vending Machine!

Maker #??

Gateways Learning

Gateways Learning (GL) is offering cutting edge and innovative educational programs throughout the lower mainland of British Columbia. Through our partnerships with schools throughout the lower mainland and overseas, GL continues to be a pioneer in advanced learning in BC. GL is dedicated to promoting international education and cross-cultural understanding and offers a range of unique, comprehensive, and affordable programs. GL is famous for its innovation and creativity and is working with Canadian and American schools to foster positive change and development in education.

Maker #??

“VNB Calotype Portraiture Workshop

I, Bastien Desfriches Doria and my wife, Virginie Lamarche, are the co-founders of the VNB Fine Art Photo Workshops that just launched in January 2012. We operate in the Ironworks building at 235 Alexander St in Gastown, Vancouver, BC. Our workshops specialize in the teaching, promoting and publishing of contemporary Film Photography. For this second Mini Maker’s Faire, we are bringing 19th century salon style portraiture to Vancouver! Our fun calotype portraiture workshop will involve two basic steps for each visitor:

  1. The Salon/Studio Area
    First, we will create a small shooting area dressed as Nadar’s studio style. Nadar was a famous 19th century French photographer who pioneered many aspects of the photographic salon aesthetics (lighting, expressive drape folds and hand compositions, etc). With our assistance, visitors there will be able to take their own “19th century Autoportrait” by shooting 4″x5″ paper negatives using an old large-format field camera.
  2. The Darkroom Tent
    Next, visitors will learn how to develop their paper negatives in basic paper chemistry using our small darkroom tent, installed next to the shooting area. Once processed, they will contact-print their paper negatives using an enlarger available in the tent to create a final positive print. Visitors walk away with both negatives and positives presented inside a decorative diptych frame that they can proudly hang at home! Now that’s photographic portraiture if you ask me!

Professor Bob Schneeveis, Daisy the Solar Powered Tricycle

Made in California by master inventor and fabricator Professor Bob Schneeveis from the medical department of Neurobiology at Stanford University, Daisy resides in Vancouver at the eatART hangar.
Daisy is the world’s largest solar powered tricycle.

The Bright Red Crayon

The Bright Red Crayon is kids art collective that aims to explore playful & creative interactions between children, local artists and their communities. We encourage kids to explore, invent, try, fail, re-use, share and celebrate their unique ideas, no matter how wacky!

The Bright Red Crayon offers community based event services, interdisciplinary workshops and are currently working on educational kits for The Young Makers program in association with Vancouver Mini Makerfaire.

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Social Media Club of Vancouver (SMCYVR) is the local chapter of the Social Media Club, a worldwide trade association focused on social media in business. All social media enthusiasts are welcome and no one is considered too “newbie” to join. Events range from casual monthly pub nights to more formal presentations by an industrial professional or a panel of speakers. No matter the event, they are always upbeat, positive and fun. SMCYVR is about sharing knowledge, best practices and helpful tips. It is not about self-interest, self-promotion or spam. We hope you come out to our events and share with others, make some new friends and learn something in the process.

Make at Granville Island – Bicycle Spin-Art

Conceived and born here in Vancouver in 1985, Justin Stitches, Vancouver’s favourite embroidery store and a Granville Island mainstay since 1990 has just re-imagined itself. Introducing Make at Granville Island, a place to create your own custom work and be inspired by really cool stuff to buy. Get creative! Make your own custom and personalized items with our Direct to Garment Digital T-Shirt Printing, Laser Engraving, Button Making and, as always, beautiful Embroidery Services. No matter which technology you choose, we are ready with experienced technicians and classic quality apparel and interesting items ready to decorate.

Kids love our “Art by Me” t-shirt making activity where they can draw or create a collage and watch it printed on their very own t-shirt. Ask us about kids birthday parties and hosting events at Make. Get the gang together for an adventure in creativity!

As we celebrate creativity we also love great design. Be inspired by our one-of-a-kind, hand-made, quirky and fun shopping. We carry unique items for home, baby, children and adults; we’re searched far and wide for a collection unlike any other in Vancouver.

Get ready for Bicycle Spin-Art – an eco-friendly, people powered, art machine! Sit on the bike and pedal to power a spinning art-board. Pick a colour and squirt paint while you bike – watch as a spiral rainbow of colour forms your very own one-of-a-kind spin-art design. Paint a picture or even decorate a t-shirt! Brought to you by Make at Granville island, a place to create your own custom works and be inspired by really cool stuff to buy. Visit our store on Granville island and celebrate creativity and design!

The Network – A Public Collaborative Sculpture – Carlyn Yandle / Debbie Tuepah

Vancouver-based artists Yandle and Tuepah ask Faire visitors to participate in the continued making of The Network, a public collaborative fibre-sculpture that is a visual representation of social interaction.

Influenced by Yandle’s previous career in journalism and Tuepah’s in marketing, the network moves away from modes of communication that occur through platforms such as print, television or the internet. Instead, The Network comes out of a belief that there is no substitute for physical social interaction. The artists are interested in creating a no-barriers opportunity for anyone and everyone to join in making the sculpture, join the conversation, and see where it takes them. As with dialogue, the project has no logical end, but continues to grow in complexity and physical size. Lines are woven into area and volume, using only waste petroleum-based material such as plastic sheeting, nylon and polyester fabrics. The intention for this work is for it to travel – from studio to Faire to galleries to public park, as an alternative “web” of public participation.

The Black Ghost Electric Bike Car

The Black Ghost Electric Bike Car is a gBikes project. Based out of Vancouver, BC, gBikes is an eatART (eatart.org) internal project team. gBikes is currently comprised of an arsenal of power generating bicycles that can be used to power any number of different applications. Past applications include movie projectors, sound, and lighting. The gBikes team has been hard at work for the last 6 months building The Black Ghost, our greatest creation yet. This electric bike car will not only serve as a mode of transportation but also as a mobile power generation and storage base station on its own or with the rest of the gBikes. The goal is ultra-portable human powered electricity generation!

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